Compliance Management at Pöppelmann.

Acting in accordance with the law is a matter of course for us. Every one of us must observe this in all of our tasks – from our apprentices all the way to management. With our compliance management, we go a step further and commit ourselves to observing standards and values that go beyond statutory requirements.

Above all, we see our responsibility as giving our employees a clear framework both for compliance with internal regulations and existing laws. The aim is to increase awareness amongst colleagues in order to prevent any possible breach of legislation.

Our customers and suppliers are also increasingly emphasising this issue. We are increasingly asked for supporting documents and information or assessed through on-site inspections. A successful compliance management system unites business partners in the long term, creates trust, prevents follow-up costs for violations, protects and improves the reputation of our company and ultimately feeds our success.

Our compliance approach

Our compliance approach combines several different facets. corruption, customs, foreign trade, risk management, code of conduct A series of guidelines and/or rules that companies establish for themselves as voluntary self-commitment. closecode of conduct, investment policy, privacy policy, etc. Our compliance management system has been in place in this form since 2018. We are continuously working on it, updating it to reflect current issues. At the time of its creation, it includes the following elements:

  • Our own code of conduct for Germany, USA, France, UK and China
  • Investment guideline
  • Privacy guidelines in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • IT security guidelines
  • Smeta4Pillar audit (Sedex)
  • Travel risk management
  • Customs/foreign trade guideline

Risk management is a significant part of business. The term refers to the identification, assessment and management of all risks that affect sustainable business performance, taking into account the complex reciprocal effects between individual risks and the resulting risk-mitigating measures.

To prevent all possible risks, the development of a comprehensive compliance training concept is planned for all employees. This is to be developed in collaboration with the management in order to provide our colleagues with a clear framework for action.

Further development and professionalisation

With the increasing regulation and internationalisation of our business, demands on our compliance management system also grow. We also need to consider the legal situation in other countries where we operate. We see this as an opportunity to extend and professionalise our approach.

In this regard, we plan to introduce a global, multilingual compliance organisation for all business units in the next few years. We also want to integrate other topics in the existing framework and develop our compliance management further. This includes the following activities:

  • Integration of compliance and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the PPx management system
  • Regulation of all donations (gifts, invitations, sponsors, etc.)
  • Publication of compliance manual
  • Introduction of a separate module for customs and foreign trade
  • Introduction of an Internal Tax Control Framework (ICF) for tax compliance

We have a zero tolerance policy to rule violations. All violations will be prosecuted in a uniform, consistent manner. To ensure this, all employees, customers, suppliers, service providers and external stakeholders A group with an interest or concern; people, groups, associations and institutions that are directly or indirectly affected by the actions of a company or that have an interest in the activities of a company. closestakeholders have the opportunity to notify us of such violations via various channels.

We have not registered any legal violations to date and have passed all relevant audits. The aim of maintaining this status quo continues to motivate us every day.

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