Special parts at record speed: FastLane

Customised protection elements in just one month? Our new FastLane service makes it possible. Learn more now.

In order to support our customers in unforeseeable time bottlenecks, we have developed a new optional service: FastLane. With this service we can now develop and manufacture customised special parts even faster. As a specialist for plastic protection elements we know: the design of lean processes for fast processing and lead times in development and production is a central topic for our customers, especially in projects with tight time frame.

We do it. Faster.

In order to counteract our customers’ time problems, e.g. because of design changes in the current series, and to react in the shortest possible time, we have developed FastLane. Contact us at FastLane and we will check your project for feasibility. As soon as an inquiry is processed with this new service, the customer receives a quote within one day, and also an item concept in the form of a technical drawing or item sketch. Once the item design has been completed on a CAD basis, an initial prototype is made within one week. In order to produce samples for inspection or functional samples, we use - depending on the requirements-  the Rapid Prototyping or Rapid Tooling 3D printing method. Basic functions and properties can be checked directly using the prototypes which have been manufactured using Rapid Tooling. Following a successful agreement, our customers receive the first off-mould items from the series production of their customised item within one month.

The bottom line is that the optional FastLane service should enable our customers a decisive competitive advantage in the event of time bottlenecks: extremely short reaction times and maximum flexibility during the manufacturing process. Due to a clear development order and close communication between our customers and Pöppelmann KAPSTO®, the lead time is reduced to about one month.

Goetze KG benefits from KAPSTO® FastLane.

We have already helped our customer of many years, Goetze KG Armaturen, with fast implementation of special parts using FastLane. The Ludwigsburg-based company has been a sought-after expert in the manufacture of safety valves for more than 65 years. Products from Goetze KG Armaturen are used worldwide in industrial engineering and building technology. More than 300,000 valves (Made in Germany) leave the factory in Baden-Württemberg every year.

Goetze KG Armaturen appreciates the wide range of products in the KAPSTO® standard product range, which contains more than 3,000 protection element solutions for transport, storage and production processes. Our goal is to deliver top quality. This also includes protecting sensitive components such as sealing surfaces and threads”, says Klaus Müller, purchaser at Goetze AG Armaturen. For a special application in which a protective element was required to protect the internals of a safety valve, the responsible purchaser at Goetze KG Armaturen contacted the KAPSTO® product and application advice area. The challenge: the development of a coordinated plug which reliably closes a threaded opening of a valve, therefore preventing penetration by contamination. Installation was not to be time-consuming or involve any screwdriving. In order to ensure that the plug protects a defined diameter, the plug should have a central seat in the opening after installation. The plug should be clearly evident to the installer so that he can remove the plug after installing the valve.The removal of the plug should not cause chip formation, since chips could adversely affect the function of the valve.

As well as the technical task, quick series implementation also had to be carried out. 25,000 special parts were required – within an extremely short time. Because of the extremely tight time frame, we agreed with Goetze to deal with this project using FastLane.

Sebastian Meyer, the responsible on-site KAPSTO® customer adviser, took up the profile of the application and produced a specification with the customer for fulfilling the functions and requirements. Just one day after receiving the inquiry, we were able to present our customer with the solution concept, including a quote.

The solution: a plug made from low-density polyethylene, with a handy tab for quick installation and removal. A flexible disk gently inserts itself into the thread of the opening during removal and ensures that there is a tight fit. Four ribs on the shaft of the plug provide the required centring and also provide a better grip. The diameter of the top is coordinated with the sealing surface to be protected. For better recognition the protection element is made in a signal colour, and additional engraving also highlights the fact that the plug must be removed before using the valve.

Following successful agreement, the customer was provided with 3D data by our design department. The positive virtual installation test then initiated the manufacturing of prototype parts. Prototype parts made from series material were manufactured at Pöppelmann KAPSTO® within just five working days.

In the next step, our FastLane service made a quick change of series production possible. Due to a rigid planning structure and flexible tool concepts, the manufacture of the first off-mould parts was implemented within four weeks, and Goetze KG Armaturen received the required quantity of 25,000 special parts the following week.

By way of a summary, our customer Götze AG was provided with the solution concept and the quote one day after receiving the inquiry thanks to FastLane. One week after approval of the concept, the customer received prototype parts as a functional sample made from series production material, One month later, after the installation of the prototype parts, the required series-produced parts were delivered.

KAPSTO® FastLane: We put your projects in the fast lane.

Customised protection elements after just one month? Our new optional service makes it possible. We have designed FastLane for customers who need to have series-produced parts developed, constructed and manufactured without delay. After receipt of a customer inquiry, less than 30 working days are needed until series-produced parts are being manufactured. Pöppelmann KAPSTO® puts your projects in the fast lane. Special parts in record time – see for yourself!

Do you already have projects which require special parts within a very short time and would like to collaborate with us to put them in the fast lane? If so, talk to us so that we can check the feasibility thereof.

Our KAPSTO® team would be pleased to take your call on +49 4442 982-9100. Or use our contact form.