“I am a GPN 308.”

Entertaining and amusing: Pöppelmann KAPSTO® presents in the new film its product and service benefits. Watch now!

A wide range of products, thoughtful and innovative products, customer-oriented advice and best service by long-standing and well-trained staff: This characterises the Lohner family company. The new KAPSTO® product films adress exactly these subjects and make them comprehensible for our customers. – In an entertaining and at the same time amusing way, in a multi-part film series.

Main actor in our first film is the GPN 308 Pöppelmann and KAPSTO® sales representative Karl Boekholt. What exactly connects the two – see yourself.

Multifunctional, flexible and quick: GPN 308.

The GPN 308 is a proven and multifunctional grip plug made ​​of supple thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). The plug does not only reliably protect boreholes and internal threads in different thread sizes, but also easily accommodates even greater tolerances with its flexible ribs. The new removal tab, in the protected tab design, offers yet another advantage: Due to better handling GPN 308 can be removed more easily and above all faster now. It offers our customers a real time saving.

At least as fast and flexible: The KAPSTO® on-site consulting.

Thanks to a long-term experience, they are having an extensive product and application knowledge, Karl Boekholt and the other Pöppelmann KAPSTO® sales representatives are happy to consult you. All KAPSTO® sales representatives are having fixed sales territories and are always on site for you – granting a fast and flexible appointment scheduling. If you would like to receive advice from our sales staff, make an appointment now.