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The thermoforming process: Optimal for large-format protection solutions.

In the thermoforming process, a plastic sheet is heated in order to form it in the mold using a vacuum. The formed parts can then be separated from the sheet using a cutting tool. Pöppelmann KAPSTO® manufactures the rolls of plastic in-house and is able to process an uncommonly wide range of materials and colors. In addition to these benefits, the thermoforming process also enables the production of particularly thin-walled article series.

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Thermoformed protective elements by Pöppelmann KAPSTO®: Reduced transport and storage volume through stacking.

The advantages of Thermoforming at a glance:

  • Resource-saving due to reduced use of materials
  • Material variety due to In-House foil production.
  • 40 years of experience in the thermoforming process.
  • Technical cleanliness on request.
  • Certification according to DIN ISO 9001:2015.

New at KAPSTO®: Material-saving protective elements and trays.

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The new ECO standard series.

With four new standard series in 43 different dimensions,Pöppelmann KAPSTO® now offers the largest program of protective elements manufactured by using the resource-saving thermoforming process. The particularly thin-walled GPN 400, 401, 480 and 481 provide optimal protection for customer components in a diameter range between 57 and 130 mm. In addition, the stackable design reduces transport and storage costs. And no matter whether small quantities or large series: Our thermoformed protective elements are always available from stock.

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Thermoformed Trays

Trays for the safe transport of your products.

As a specialist for protection solutions, we have expanded our product range: In addition to our standard range with over 3,000 protection elements, we now offer thermoformed trays for the protection of sensitive components. Because of our advanced machine and tool concept, we can implement solutions easily and efficiently within the shortest possible time. This gives you efficient packaging concepts as a complete solution – for optimal handling during transport, storage and production. At the same time, they simplify quantity control and facilitate automated handling.


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