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The KAPSTO® product movies

"I am a GPN."

Find out what our plastic protection elements and employees have in common. In an amusing and entertaining and way, in a multi-part series of films – we hope that you will enjoy them!

Why the GPN 802 is the optimal protection for a variety of types of threads?

Why does the GPN 241 SAE Quick Connector plug protect optimally against soiling?

Why GPN 300 F and GPN 300 V always reliably protects internal threads and moreover is always available?

Why is the GPN 212 so flexible and highly time saving?

Why does the standard series GPN 365 withstand high temperatures with ease?

Why GPN 351 starts to sweat more times and still delivers what it promises?

Why GPN 737 seals so perfectly and is also extremely robust?

Why GPN 610 is so multifunctional and at the same time conical?

Why GPN 245 (Form B) is never to precious for anything?

Why GPN 215 may seem non-descript but you can always rely on it?

Why GPN 308 is multifunctional and time-saving?

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Pöppelmann KAPSTO® – Plastic protective caps and plugs for every application.

Our KAPSTO® protective caps and plugs ensure optimum protection during production, storage and transport. Every protection element of our KAPSTO® standard program with over 3,000 versions perfectly protects your application. - All individually tailored according to your requirements. Whether robust, low-abrasion, temperature resistant or sealing - you will find the right protective element here.

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At your request we develop and manufacture custom products designed to your individual application needs.

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