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Good to meet the highest cleanliness requirements.
Better if these are also lived.


Concept technical cleanliness

From normal production to cleanroom production.

Due to their complex, technical requirements, many systems are very sensitive with regard to pollution. Especially in the automotive industry, systems such as the engine compartment, brakes, gearbox or fuel are vulnerable: even the smallest particles can lead to failure. Compliance with ever stricter cleanliness requirements is therefore a growing issue, even in the production of technical plastic parts. The aim is to keep the contamination of sensitive technical components as low as possible.

In order to implement the different components according to individual requirements in a most cost-effective and economical manner, we carry out the Quick Check. Pöppelmann K-TECH® not only analyses technical cleanliness on accordance with VDA volume 19 but also lives it right from the beginning and it even has become an integral part of our project management.

Depending on the specific requirements, we can decide which components require special production in terms of their technical cleanliness. To be able to meet the increased demands of our customers, we can produce the components in a clean room with special air filtration systems. For even more cleanliness, we also have the possibility to produce in a cleanroom. The special filtration systems guarantee particle and germ contents in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644 – class 7 and class C of the EC GMP guideline. This means: less than 350,000 particles/m³ down to a size of 0.6 µm, and less than 100 nucleating agents/m³. Highest cleanliness for sensitive systems! 

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Procedure for uncompromising cleanliness

In order to meet our claim and get the best out of each project, we implement technical cleanliness requirements using different methods (for instance, by using enclosed machines). During the process, all necessary steps must be defined in relation to the requirements – this applies to both the tool and the periphery of the machine. Last and not least, technical cleanliness is checked and ensured in our own lab during series production.


Flexible production based on customer requirements.

During production, we offer the possibility of producing plastic parts under standardised conditions, depending on requirements and the number of pieces. This gives us better control on external factors such as human, production environment and machine.

  • Flexible compliance with different cleanliness requirements (for instance, by using enclosed machines, conveyor belts or robotic systems).
  • Special containers and packaging materials.
  • Direct packaging at the machine.
Produktion OelsaugrohrOil suction pipe




From tools to handling systems.

From the engineering of tools to the packaging of finished parts right through to the handling of purchased parts. – All necessary project steps must be defined for each requirement. This way, technical cleanliness can not only be implemented but also lived.

  • Integrated cleaning (e.g. of purchased parts by means of ionised air).
  • Separate labelling of containers and documents.
  • Special inspection of incoming goods and selection of suppliers with regards to purchased parts.
Prozess Fuehrungsrohr Fuer OelmessstabGuide pipe for dipstick



Quality Assurance

Series accompanying measurements in the in-house laboratory.

During series production, Pöppelmann carries out measurements to check for technical cleanliness in its own lab. To do this, reference parts are taken from production, washed and the proportionate particles are caught in a special sieve to be then evaluated and documented according to their categorisation.

  • In-house lab (analysis and evaluation pursuant to ISO 16232).
  • Quick reaction time during series production.
  • Measurement results are recorded by the in-house CAQ system.
Schlauchverbinder Mit FilterelementHose coupling with filter element



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With our KAPSTO® protection solutions, we offer you optimum protection and maximum process reliability for various automotive applications - from vehicle electrics, engine, fuel management to powertrain and chassis. Discover our range of standards with over 3,000 models available from stock.

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