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It's good to have unlimited ideas. 
Even better when they are combined to create expectional products.

Concept Functional integration

From insert moulding to complex assemblies.

The success of a project depends on the functionality of the component. This is why Pöppelmann K-TECH® designs plastic parts as functional and efficient as possible. We see ourselves as development partners who keep track of our customers' requirements right from the beginning. Particularly in complex projects, when several components have to be matched to one another, we deliver economically and technically perfect solutions.

With the Quick Check as a basis, we check together with the customer what tasks the corresponding plastic part together must fulfil. Where is it going to be assembled? What forces and stresses does it need to withstand? Which media must be taken into consideration?

Funktionsintegration Web Film

Three possibilities for multifunctional components.

In order to act creatively and functionally integrative, we always evaluate different possible solutions: We are primarily concerned with the construction and design of the component. During assembly, the single parts are installed to form one unit so that during production we can finally check which technical possibilities and alternative production processes make most sense.


The basis for increased functionality.

During the design phase, the component is thoroughly checked. Especially when different components have to be matched as a group, we can check important parameters in advance using 3D simulations and models.

  • CAD controlled component designs.
  • DMU visualisations.
  • FEM calculations.
  • Fill and warping simulations.
Konstruktion Schaltung Shift By WireShift-by-wire circuitry




Meeting many additional functions.

Ready assemblies are created during assembly. In this way, no single parts need to be assembled by themselves at a later stage.

  • Fully automatic assembly processes.
  • In-process tests – if necessary, with up to 100 % check.
  • Everything from one source.
Montage CFO 5688Carrier plate for mono or stereo camera




From small and fast – to large and extensive.

We draw on innovative and existing technologies in the injection moulding process in order to produce plastic parts with as many functions as possible. Therefore the growing automation increasingly gains on importance.

  • Machine park from 25 t to 500 t locking force.
  • High degree of automation.
  • 2C and 3C injection-moulding technology.
  • Powerful handling and assembly technology – screws or sockets are automatically inserted and moulded.
2K Dichtungen 2K Filtergeha Use2C filter housing



Pöppelmann KAPSTO®

Optimal protection for automotive applications.

With our KAPSTO® protection solutions, we offer you optimum protection and maximum process reliability for various automotive applications - from vehicle electrics, engine, fuel management to powertrain and chassis. Discover our range of standards with over 3,000 models available from stock.

Kapsto Composing En Weiss

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