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Just knowing technologies is not enough. You also need to master them.

Our mission is to develop technically perfect solutions for our customers' products and to produce these efficiently and economically. We do not step back when faced with challenges and we strike out in new directions together with our customers: Thanks to our in-house mould making, cutting-edge machines for automatic injection moulding and latest technologies such as ProFoam®, MuCell® or the 2K LSR technology.


Seamless, perfect fit and long-lasting: With formed-in-place seals made out of foam, Pöppelmann produces highly sophisticated technical injection-moulded parts. more

ProFoam® enables fibre-reinforced plastics to be processed without additional shearing. In contrast to other processes, the plastic granulate is pre-enriched with a blowing agent upstream from the injection unit inside a granulate sluice. more

Whether hard or soft, multicoloured or smoothness-enhanced: Pöppelmann uses two-component injection moulding to join various types of plastic, including plastics with contrasting properties, and to create complex multi-functional parts. more

To manufacture components subject to very high tightness and temperature requirements, as well as accommodating high tolerances, we rely on the cost-effective and time-saving 2K LSR process: injection moulding of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR). more

Perfection in every detail: Thanks to state-of-the-art assembly technologies, we at Pöppelmann K-TECH® are able to efficiently implement individual solutions for our customers. more

Organic sheets are prefabricated semi-finished products made of continuous glass fiber impregnated in polymer. Depending on the contour, they are cut to size, heated and formed directly in the injection mold. more


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