Formed-in-place foam gaskets (FIPFG) – precise protection for electronic components.

Seamless, perfect fit and long-lasting: With formed-in-place seals made out of foam, Pöppelmann produces highly sophisticated technical injection-moulded parts. PUR seals never lose their shape and fit perfectly, even in complex geometries.

When foaming in place, the seal forms in the mould part right where the seal seat is. To do this a mixing head, which is guided by a CNC-controlled robot, inserts a PUR strand directly into the moulded part's seal groove. This strand expands and provides a perfectly fitting seal after a reaction time of just a few minutes. This is of particular advantage for components with complex geometries.

The PUR sealing foam consists of a dual-component mixture. Through the selection of raw materials and process parameters, the seal's elastic properties and temperature and chemical resistances can be adapted to the various requirements.

Cover with PUR gasket pedals

Cover with PUR gasket pedals

Lids including PUR gasket

Lids including PUR gasket

Cover case including PUR gasket

Cover case including PUR gasket

<p>Cover with PUR gasket pedals</p>
<p>Lids including PUR gasket</p>
<p>Cover case including PUR gasket</p>

The advantages of PUR seals at a glance:

  • Tool-independent. No separate tools necessary.
  • Flexible. Individual adjustment to component geometry.
  • Perfect fit. CNC-controlled directly into the component's seal groove.
  • Seamless. Seamless joints at the gasket edges.
  • Economical. Short cycles, one stop source.
  • Durable. PUR has a reliable long-term sealing effect.

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