Hot-gas welding – particle-free seams.

High rigidity, high cleanliness: Pöppelmann manufactures media-bearing (air, oil or water) plastic components using the hot-gas welding method. This method is free of particles. It prevents oxidation, and therefore thermal damage to the material – and can be used with a variety of technical materials.

Nowadays, technical plastic parts have to meet a lot of complicated requirements. Besides the design challenges, increasing cleanliness requirements for media-carrying components are a particularly important task.

For this reason, Pöppelmann K-TECH® manufactures these components using the hot-gas welding method. The process has special advantages: In contrast to mechanical welding, this thermal welding method is particle free. The use of inert gas in the area of the welding seam avoids oxidation of the material.

This avoids thermal damage to the plastic. Besides the cleanliness, this method has the additional benefit of producing high-strength welded joints. Another plus: The hot-gas welding method can be used for a large variety of technical materials.

This method is particularly suitable for media-bearing (air, oil or water) plastic components. The hot-gas welding method is the only way to accomplish a high-strength, homogeneous and particle-free thermal welding on a large variety of high-quality thermoplastics. This produces excellent results, especially during welding of polyamides.

Oil guide pipe

Oil guide pipe

Guide pipe for dipstick

Guide pipe for dipstick

Oil displacer

Oil displacer

<p>Oil guide pipe</p>
<p>Guide pipe for dipstick</p>
<p>Oil displacer</p>

The advantages of the hot-gas welding at a glance:

  • High strength. Superb welded joints.
  • Particle-free. Clean welding process.
  • Economical. New design options.
  • Contact-free. Contactless joining of components.
  • Reliable. Production parameters can be reproduced thanks to system control.
  • Versatile. Suitable for a multitude of materials and component geometries.

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