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Quick Check

With Quick Check for technically and economically perfect solutions.

Pöppelmann K-TECH® has developed Quick Check to always provide the best possible solution to customers: Before we start working on a project, we check every request in advance in terms of material, design, mould and process parameters. Together with the customer, we then decide which solution is the best from both a technical and an economic point of view. Using this approach, we develop and produce high-quality and innovative solutions, which come from a single source – from development to series production – and can be completed within very short development times thanks to our many years of experience.

What demands do you place on your component? Contact us and do the Quick Check for your project!

Quick Check offers important decision-making aids.

No matter what requirements the new component has to meet, the sooner we are involved in the development process, all the more stronger the result.

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For example, the required strength, recycling aspects, temperature resistance and frictional forces acting on the component play an important role during material testing. When looking for the appropriate design, we take into account facts such as draft angles, wall thicknesses and mold flow and potential flash. The determination of the optimum tool also plays a decisive role and at best has a positive effect on production and cycle times. Automation plays a central role in manufacturing. Even downstream processes such as conditioning, tempering or assembly are taken into account, together with cleanliness requirements and quality aspects such as machine and process capability.

At a glance – the Quick Check by Pöppelmann K-TECH®:

  • The task: Comprehensive evaluation of all decisive parameters based on customer requirements.
  • The choice: We develop the best solution – technically and cost-effectively.
  • The result: Individual, functional and innovative plastic components.
  • Totally: Free of charge and without any obligation.

Case study e-mobility

The Quick Check in practice: Sealing a rectifier with LSR.

Our K-TECH® team carried out the Quick Check for a long-standing, well-known customer from the automotive industry in the run-up to a joint project in the field of battery technology - a customer room cover for a rectifier. This showed that the use of the innovative LSR process leads to the most optimal solution, as LSR seals on the one hand reliably seal and on the other hand withstand high temperatures of up to 250 °C without any problems.

With regard to the process flow for component housing cover, a number of improvements have been achieved using the 2K LSR process: in a single-stage production process, the LSR seal replaced the bonding of six separate silicone pads, which was previously necessary. The chosen combination of materials enabled the required chemical bond between thermoplastic and LSR. As for the hard component, an improved material selection was also able to minimize distortion.

Overall, we were able to shorten production times and thus reduce costs. High automotive results in high process reliability and increased technical cleanliness. The optimized design also contributed to the reduction of noise and vibration.


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