Carrier plate/Cover hood

Carrier plate/Cover hood

Organic sheet

Organic sheet



Pressure pipe

Pressure pipe

<p>Carrier plate/Cover hood</p>
<p>Organic sheet</p>
<p>Pressure pipe</p>

Development Partner

Development and series production of technical plastic solutions.

Customer-oriented and competent: With Pöppelmann as your development partner, you have quality and costs under control right from the beginning. We offer you all the plastic expertise that is required for your project, under one roof. From design, through rapid development tools (e.g. Rapid Prototyping) and in-house mould making, to efficient high-end serial production. A project manager takes good care of your interests, at all times. – For the ultimate competitive advantage.

Our development capabilities are in line with the latest products, technologies and the highest market demands. Quality, perfect craftsmanship and high-tech production are the secrets behind our market-leading success.

The advantages from development to serial production at a glance:

  • Customised. Targeted product optimisation and development.
  • Efficient. Virtual product development and rapid prototyping.
  • Experienced. In-house toolmaking with 130 employees.
  • Efficient production technologies.
  • Innovative process and assembly technology.
  • Economical. One-stop shop.

One-stop shop: From development to serial production.

From project support to development, in-house tool manufacture to series production: Pöppelmann K-TECH® is your professional partner in all project phases for innovative, cost-efficient and at the same time perfectly functioning solutions – with reliable, on-schedule delivery. This also applies to the complex and challenging projects: for example, if several components have to be coordinated, when the schedule is particularly tight or when it comes to the use of new materials and production processes.

Competent, customer-oriented project management.

Our stress-free package for you: we undertake all those numerous little jobs which a project involves. As our customer, you will therefore save a lot of time and the costly doubling up of work, for example, with external development agents and mould constructors. Just give us a call: +49 4442 982-6010.

Better solutions in a shorter time – thanks to cutting-edge technology.

The development of new plastic solutions is one of the particular strengths of Pöppelmann K-TECH®. As our customer, you define the requirements – we develop the right solution.find out more

Rapid prototyping – The faster route to series maturity.

From idea to model. Rapid Prototyping allows Pöppelmann to create individual testing samples in different materials, even in early development stages. Ideas and developments are therefore fast and cheap to implement (and conceive).find out more

Short development times thanks to prototypes and serial production material.

With Rapid Tooling we provide our customer with a way of getting to the finished product in a faster and more economical way. At the same time, we minimise risks and implement item designs or item versions in a more realistic way.find out more

Safe and budget-conscious: in-house leakage tests.

Pöppelmann uses a protection-class test chamber for in-house leakage tests during development stages. The protection-class test chamber has been specially designed for leakage inspections in line with DIN 40050.find out more

Guaranteeing you a competitive edge: In-house mould making.

From the production of new moulds, repairs, maintenance work or bespoke services: you can always rely on your professional team at Pöppelmann WTZ.find out more

Production in series with the highest quality and delivered on schedule: our high-tech serial production.

The ideal conditions for successful cooperation: Pöppelmann K-TECH® production, which is certified according to ISO/TS 16949:2009, is characterised by consistent quality, high production output and exemplary cleanliness. Even our proven quality management is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, and our environmental management system is audited according to EMAS II and DIN EN ISO 14001:2015. find out more


Do you have any questions? The K-TECH® team will be happy to answer them.

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