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For guaranteed reliable production processes.

Neuwerkzeuge Neuwerkzeug 0729To ensure orders are promptly dealt with: our "Repair and Maintenance" department maintains a dedicated team of 60 employees and its own furnishing park.

In addition to ensuring production, the primary task of our "Repair and Maintenance" department is to carry out refitting and maintenance work. Necessary corrections to the moulds are also quickly implemented by our team. Following the organisation of Pöppelmann into the four business divisions KAPSTO®, K-TECH®, FAMAC® and TEKU® we have the requisite expertise in the most diverse departments and can complete your orders promptly at all times.

For maintenance work, we use defined schedules that have proven to be effective. The release is issued following a final inspection based on a check-list that ensures functional availability during production. For corrections and repairs, we employ the latest technologies such as laser welding to minimise the rework required on the component.

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