We do it. Better. In joint responsibility for tomorrow.

Pöppelmann publishes sustainability report

The corona pandemic has shown us how important it is to stand together even in times of crisis. Everyone is called upon to take responsibility and make their contribution to contain the spread of the virus. We are also using our know-how and technologies to do this.

Responsibility - this is the term we use to best describe sustainable thinking and action as we understand it. If you would like to find out more about how we implement this claim in our day-to-day business, you will find more information in our Sustainability Report. We have entitled it: "We do it. Better. In joint responsibility for tomorrow.“

We have published it online and explain how we, as a leading plastics processing company, face up to our responsibility in our field of activity. Our Managing Director Matthias Lesch explains it this way: "Our aim is to reconcile today's market requirements in our industry with our responsibility for future generations. Sustainable management has been the basis of the company's success for decades".

The basis of the report was the development of our sustainability strategy. In a materiality analysis, we identified the fields of activity "product", "employees", "resources" and "region" as focal points and placed them at the centre of the report.

In the facts and figures part of the report, we provide information on the economic, ecological and social impact of our work on the basis of the GRI standards. GRI stands for Global Reporting Initiative: This international non-profit organization has set itself the goal of developing and disseminating a global framework for sustainability reporting. We have had our information verified by an independent auditor.

In their statement on the publication of the report, the managing directors Norbert Nobbe, Matthias Lesch and Henk Gövert clearly show that it is not just a matter of words, but that the company is working very specifically on the implementation of its own claim: "Sustainable production can only succeed if material loops are closed - this conviction drives us. With our company-wide PÖPPELMANN blue® initiative, we set out in this direction at a very early stage and have already achieved initial success. But many more stages lie ahead of us. They cannot be mastered on our own, but only in cooperation with all stakeholders from politics, science, economy and society".