Challenge Corona virus: We continue to do our best!

In regards to the worldwide spread of the Corona virus, concerns and worries about current and future health and business risks are increasing.

The current developments in the health and quarantine situation, combined with the actions and restrictions imposed by the government authorities in the various countries within and outside the EU, pose major challenges to us and many other companies in maintaining the business operations.

We are working hard to maintain our business operations despite many restrictions and effects that occur.

The health, safety and welfare of our employees is of great importance. Our crisis team has already implemented numerous internal protective measures to reduce the risk of infection. These actions include in particular hygiene instructions and adequate provision of hygiene materials, physical separation of employees, use of mobile working options, access restrictions to our plants, definition and implementation of rules of conduct in the event of suspected cases, business trips and returnees from crisis areas.

At the same time we try to keep the economic impact of the situation as low as possible and to supply our customers with our products to the best of our ability.

Whether and to what extent unavoidable disruptions in performance will occur due to future developments of the entire complex corona situation, depends on many factors beyond our control.

We rely on every fall to offer everything that our customer contacts and the usual service have to offer.

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Stay healthy!