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Go ahead and take a closer look: our quality assurance.

In the area of measurement technology, we verify our high-precision products every day. All specified reference dimensions on the moulded parts are carefully measured, checked, and documented. We can avail of all the main measurement procedures for this purpose. Particularly sensitive measurements are taken in a separate, climate-controlled measuring room.

With regard to materials, we can also carry out the necessary quality inspections of our components in our MOULD-MAKING department. In this case, we test a range of parameters including the reliable hardness values of the Rockwell scale. We also use a mobile spectrometer to carry out material analyses for steels, copper and aluminium alloys as part of the incoming goods inspection.

In focus: surface quality.

We can check the surface quality of our workpieces with a contour and surface measurement device that scrutinizes the roughness and profile parameters while at the same time monitoring tolerances.

Even more expertise – for your success.
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Our construction department develops and designs injection and thermoforming moulds to meet the most stringent requirements. more

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By using the latest technology, we are able to produce moulds with even greater precision, even faster and – in many cases – more cost-effectively. more


For us – and naturally for our customers – one of the key success factors is precision. That is because it ultimately determines the contour accuracy of our moulds. more

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The quality specifications for articles used in the pharmaceutical and food industries are exceptionally strict. For this reason, some of the formative components of our moulds are polished during the final machining step. more

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