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Our engineering department develops and designs injection and thermoforming moulds to meet the most stringent requirements. In doing so, the focus of our designers is always on ensuring efficient production of the subsequent components. To do this, they employ the latest mould technology! The scope of tasks ranges from minor changes to the development of entire mould systems based solely on an initial specification of the article to be produced.

Konstruktion Ko Axavia 2Ensuring efficient production: the use of cutting-edge technology.

High-tech from the outset: CAD and PDM.

At Pöppelmann WTZ, designs are created using the CIMATRON CAD system, which is designed specifically for tool and mould making. With the help of this technology, all standard data formats can be imported without the need for conversion. Furthermore, it is possible to use the data for production purposes immediately. – The data is administered by a PDM system. We use the classification of components to increase the parts commonality quota.

Doubly smart: our engineering.

Our engineering department is divided into two areas: The first specialises entirely on technical articles. The focus here is on de-moulding and article quality. A key core competence in this respect is the quality of the mould surface – incl. the associated production tolerances and processes.

The second part of our engineering department creates moulds for producing thin-walled articles for injection-moulding and thermoforming processes. These offer exceptionally high durability. The very short cycle times also require maximum stability of the moulds. – To ensure that the production times can be achieved, our core expertise in this area is in designing the cooling channels.

Even more expertise – for your success.
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By using the latest technology, we are able to produce moulds with even greater precision, even faster and – in many cases – more cost-effectively. more


For us – and naturally for our customers – one of the key success factors is precision. That is because it ultimately determines the contour accuracy of our moulds. more

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In the area of measurement technology, we verify our high-precision products every day. All specified reference dimensions on the moulded parts are carefully measured, checked, and documented. more

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The quality specifications for articles used in the pharmaceutical and food industries are exceptionally strict. For this reason, some of the formative components of our moulds are polished during the final machining step. more

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