Two-component injection moulding process – sophisticated multifunctional parts.

Whether hard or soft, multicoloured or smoothness-enhanced: Pöppelmann uses two-component injection moulding to join various types of plastic, including plastics with contrasting properties, and to create complex multi-functional parts. Thus, Pöppelmann dominates the entire process chain: from component development and Rapid Prototyping, through in-house mould making, to efficient serial production.

Two-component injection moulding for the combination of various plastics.

Two-component injection mouldings combine thematerial properties of two different polymers - hard and soft, or reinforced and lubricated grades, for instance.

Furthermore, multicoloured parts can be produced and even the interlocking connection of two non-adhesive plastics is possible. Therefore, a single component can satisfy a multitude of demands with respect to functionality and design.

Added to this are economic and logistical advantages: The component is formed in a production sequence, meaning the cost and effort of assembly and post-processing is done away with. At Pöppelmann all the steps of the process chain – from the development of the 2C part, through mould making, up to production – are brought together in one place. Applying this holistic concept ensures that 2C parts from Pöppelmann are continuously distinguished by being of a high level of quality yet economical at the same time.

Two-component mask for respirator.

Two-component mask for respirator.

Household containers.

Household containers.

Sandwich containers.

Sandwich containers.

<p>Two-component mask for respirator.</p>
<p>Household containers.</p>
<p>Sandwich containers.</p>

The advantages of the two-component injection moulding process at a glance:

  • Multifunctional. Different material combinations are possible.
  • Reliable. Fully automated manufacturing process; some steps with integrated testing station.
  • Economical. One of the manufacturing steps and additional or later assembly steps become obsolete.
  • Permanent. Solidly joined materials.
  • Sophisticated. Suitable also for highly demanding components.

Pöppelmann can produce two-component parts using two different methods.

During the transfer process, the two-component part is formed on two conventional standard injection-moulding machines. The first machine produces a pre-form from the first plastic. This pre-form is then shifted by hand or a handling system into the second mould of the second machine. In the second machine, a correspondingly enlarged cavity provides space for the second plastic. Multi-cavity moulds can be used for larger production volumes.

Further rationalisation is provided by a two-component turning tool together with a two-component injection-moulding machine, which is equipped with two injection units for both materials. The pre-form is produced in the first mould station. The mould then opens and turns on an index plate so that the pre-form finds its way into the second, enlarged cavity. The mould closes and the second plastic is injected. Once cooled down, the ready two-component part is removed.

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