In-Mould-Labelling – high-quality decorated packaging.

More precise. More time-efficient. More economical. Already during the manufacturing process, In-Mould-Labelling allows Pöppelmann to provide a preprinted label with each plastic part in a packaging and to bind them as an inseparable unit - with a continuous surface. Therefore, the packaging is not just high in quality but also permanently beautiful. - For higher sales success.

Ensuring greater sales success: cutting-edge product finishing techniques.

During the In-Mould-Labelling process, labels are added to containers or lids directly during the moulding process. The printed decorative foil, often as thin as 50 µm, is positioned in the tool by a robot. After fixing it in the mould, the container material is then injected into the mould from the back. Once the injection moulding process is ready, label and moulded part become one inseparable unit with a continuous surface.

As moulding and finishing take place in one single process, the logistic efforts for intermediate storage are omitted. Significant time and cost savings can be achieved which make In-Mould-Labelling particularly efficient. Furthermore, the process is environmentally friendly. As the same basis material is used for label and container, the recycling properties of cups, buckets, boxes and other packaging with IML finishing are excellent.

Round bucket with IML.

Round bucket with IML.

Meat spread packaging with IML.

Meat spread packaging with IML.

Rectangular tray with IML.

Rectangular tray with IML.

Oval container with IML.

Oval container with IML.

Square container with IML.

Square container with IML.

<p>Round bucket with IML.</p>
<p>Meat spread packaging with IML.</p>
<p>Rectangular tray with IML.</p>
<p>Oval container with IML.</p>
<p>Square container with IML.</p>

The advantages of In-Mould-Labelling at a glance:

  • Precise: Nothing slips and nothing moves.
  • Fast: Automated process.
  • Precise: Fully automated controlling using a camera system.
  • Economical: Moulding and finishing in one process.
  • Ecological: Recycling of identical basic materials.
  • Premium quality: Captive packaging component.
  • Hygienic: Moisture- and temperature-resistant.

The in-mould labels follow the contour of the moulded part and may also extend over several sides of the container. Depending on the foil structure, these large-area labels can also act as a barrier layer that increases the durability of the contents of the package. Newcomers to the IML technology as well as experienced users are in good hands at Pöppelmann FAMAC®. We provide comprehensive support: from design and construction to material selection and mould making, right through to series production. As your competent development partner we find efficient solutions for demanding challenges.

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