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Simply more economic – fully automatic assembly and packaging solutions.

New materials, new manufacturing processes – today's plastics engineering creates tomorrow's technologies. And we will find them for you.

Our drive for optimised production processes: Innovative, highly dynamic process and assembly technology has always been a matter of course for Pöppelmann FAMAC®. And for good reason, because optimised production processes effectively help reduce costs – whether using fully automatic assembly and packaging solutions or during the production of integrated packaging solutions.



Primary packaging.

Primary packaging.





Secondary packaging.

Secondary packaging.

<p>Primary packaging.</p>
<p>Secondary packaging.</p>

The advantages of the fully automated assembly and packing solutions at a glance:

  • Effective cost savings thanks to lean processes.
  • In-house control and monitoring of the different process steps.
  • Reduced component contamination thanks to fully automatic processes.
  • Packaging “retail packs”.
  • Module assembly under clean room conditions.
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