PCR packaging – Standard program

FAMAC® solutions at a glance: PCR packaging.

Our PCR packaging series consist of 100% post-consumer material from the yellow bin, the yellow sack and other household recycling collections. This post-consumer recyclate (PCR) is made from used plastic products that have already gone through a complete life cycle. Thus, FAMAC PCR packaging is made of recycled plastic and is itself 100% recyclable. For this sustainable packaging solution, the PCR packaging received the German Packaging Award in Gold in the category "Sustainability". Find out more about sustainability here.

The PCR-packing is currently available in three series.

PCR Quadrateimer - Familienaufnahme

Square bucket PCR

made of post-consumer recycled material

PCR Rechteckschale - Familienaufnahme

Rectangular container PCR

made of post-consumer recycled material

PCR Rundeimer - Familienaufnahme

Round bucket PCR

made of post-consumer recycled material

PCR packaging - Custom

Customised PCR packaging

Recycling packaging not only sustainable, even individually realised: Our aim is to meet the increasing demands and product requirements of our customers at any time. Our recycled packaging made of PCR material can therefore be individually tailored to customer requirements and can be produced in various sizes and formats. Furthermore, they can be decorated to a high standard by our IML process. The result: abrasion-proof, bright colours and photo-quality images while saving resources.

  • Fertiliser bucket flowers

    Fertiliser bucket flowers

    made of post-consumer recycled material

  • Fertiliser bucket roses

    Fertiliser bucket roses

    made of post-consumer recycled material

  • Fertiliser bucket vegetables

    Fertiliser bucket vegetables

    made of post-consumer recycled material

  • Fertiliser bucket rhododendron

    Fertiliser bucket rhododendron

    made of post-consumer recycled material

  • Fertiliser bucket grass

    Fertiliser bucket grass

    made of post-consumer recycled material

FAMAC® - PCR packaging

PCR packaging: the resource-saving plastic solutions.

The sustainable use of resources through material reduction, recyclability and reutilisation is increasingly driving the packaging industry. With our excellent PCR packaging made of plastic originating from 100 % post-consumer recycled material, we combine individually adaptable packaging concepts and resource conservation.

PCR packaging: the resource-saving plastic solutions.

But why PCR material?

Many resources are needed for the production of packaging. In the area of plastic packaging, crude oil and CO2 emissions can be saved if it is made from recycled plastic. In order to recycle plastic packaging at all, it must comply with certain requirements: After the packaging has been disposed in the Yellow Bin or Yellow Bag, the waste is collected and transported to sorting facilities. Only if they can be separated from other materials there and assigned to a material group they are suitable for recycling. Plastic packaging made of PCR material meets these requirements. This means that our PCR packaging is 100 % recyclable.

Our PCR packaging therefore does not only meet the demands of fillers and manufacturers when it comes to intuitive design, individual high-quality appearance and excellent machinability, it also closes the material cycle at the same time.


  • The use of recycled plastic saves fossil resources
  • The plastic content consists of 100 % PCR
  • Format, size and decoration can be individually designed
  • The packaging is recyclable
  • Excellent machinability
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