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Too many obstacles.

As simple as possible, as safe as necessary. Our solutions are matched exactly to the consumers' demands.

our solution

Intuitive design for even greater consumer benefits and convenience.

  • Convenient opening and closing of the cap.
  • Audible tearing of the tamper-evident ring.
  • Easy opening thanks to an optimised tamper-evident ring system and low opening force required.
Solutions for intuitive design

Innovation for greater accessibility.

KiSi Verschluss

Childproof closure – can be made for various spout sizes.


Flip-top closure – can be adapted to various opening sizes, with or without tamper-evident seal.


Glue cap – economical development.

“Safe and intuitive design that provides new solutions while being easy to use on old systems too. – You can rely on FAMAC®.”

Andrea Lazarra, ProAmpac



Weld spout.

From baby food to cosmetics products and concentrated cleaning agents: Our weldspouts series ensures high flexibility and an even more effective system usage thanks to the standardised dimensions of spouts and caps across all of the series.

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