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Too much confusion.

Improved marketing options thanks to its manifold possibilities and customised solutions – perfect for your product.

our solution

Individual forms and colours and innovative special solutions.

  • Individual colour design: Many special colours according to customer requirements.
  • Outer contours can be achieved individually with low tooling costs and additional expenses.
  • Customers can request special caps to be made – such as a flip-top screw-on cap concept with tamper-evident seal.
Individuelle Formen
Even better marketing

Unique high-quality look and development of special design.

Individuell Hochwertige Optik

Individual colour design and many special colours can be achieved.


Distinctive appearance and new series with diameter 8.5 mm especially for small pouches e.g. for infant food.

Individuelle Aussengeometrie

Creation of individual outer geometries.

“To me, FAMAC® is the number one contact for the development of special spouts and their implementation.”

Gary Bell, BELL Packaging

Bell Packaging


Weld spout.

From baby food to cosmetics products and concentrated cleaning agents: Our weldspouts series ensures high flexibility and an even more effective system usage thanks to the standardised dimensions of spouts and caps across all of the series.

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