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The need for mobility.

People are increasingly looking for greater flexibility. Of course, this rapidly evolving development has an effect on the packaging industry market, and in particular on that of the stand-up pouch. Whether baby food, washing detergents or windscreen washer – more and more new market areas are opening up, and more and more everyday items are filled in flexible pouches. Here, the people's individual demands increase exponentially. A dynamically growing market and a trend which is far from ending.

Pouch development.

Rapid growth, new markets, fast-evolving developments and the increasing importance of sustainable packaging mean that industry and suppliers are constantly facing new challenges.


40 % shelf space in the USA.

The consumer-friendly pouches have now conquered an enormous share of the market. Baby food, energy drinks, fruit purées and more are offered increasingly often in the flexible packaging – and exclusively with practical spouts.

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Total volumes in Europe.

The pouch packaging volume in Europe is set to increase by 45% between 2013 and 2018. With what will then be 9,800 million pouches with spouts and 36,156 million pouches without spouts, this type of packaging is a strong competitor to traditional solutions.

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New products

New product opportunities.

In addition to the ecological benefits, the pouch also offers the consumer handling benefits: The spout makes it resealable and thanks to the flexible materials the contents can be poured without spilling. This is optimal for a wide variety of products such as smoothies, washing detergent or windscreen cleaner, for example.

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The pouch

The pouch replaces other materials.

The flexible packaging satisfies customer needs and is used in a wide range of fields. Not least due to the large choice of materials, formats and packaging sizes, the pouch is displacing traditional materials such as PET, glass or drinks cartons.

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What's next

What's next?

A look to the future opens additional potential: With new technologies for aseptic filling or the development of biodegradable materials, the pouch is further reinforcing its market position.

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“It is not just about being quick at recognising current trends and requirements in the packaging industry. One also has to be able to implement them in a target-oriented and optimised manner.”

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