Low costs in combination with superb properties.

According to studies, the enormous trend in growth figures for the stand-up pouch will continue in the coming years. Over the years, the spout has become an integral constituent of the packaging. 'The uniform, series-independent design of the welded spout guarantees even more effective machine utilisation and greater flexibility. These are only two reasons for the high profitability', reports Mike Landwehr. 'The potential for cost reduction is very high thanks to the welded spout.'  

The Pöppelmann FAMAC® packaging concepts allow filling both through the spout or the open top seam of the pouch. Both when filling the pouches on the rail and when welding, the pouches are characterised by their excellent mechanical processability and simplify production processes. It is also possible to process a variety of film pouch formats and materials. The welded spout series by Pöppelmann FAMAC® is characterised by a system employing a guide notch, uniform dimensions, various opening diameters between 8.5 mm and 21.5 mm, and an optimised weld contour for top-quality pouch optics. A further advantage: because of the larger diameter, liquids and viscous or pourable substances can be more easily removed and simply metered by the end customer. Thanks to its all-round optimised weld contour, the film pouch can deal with high fill levels without problems and ensures effective utilisation of the guide rails because of the minimised length of the guide notch. 

The company, based in Lohne, Germany, also develops and manufactures custom solutions on request. 'Our development work knows no boundaries. We have already implemented individual, custom solutions for numerous customers in terms of colour, size or format. Here, we have been able to implement the requirements and demands of the filler and the manufacturer to 100%', reports Mike Landwehr.    

Find out more about the Pöppelmann FAMAC® welded spout at: www.pouchbooster.com

Why flexible packaging concepts pay for themselves time and again.

Regardless of whether they are used for foodstuffs, non-food applications such as pet foods, DIY products, hygiene products, household cleaning agents or for pharmaceutical industry products – stand-up pouches with integral spouts are increasingly conquering shelf-space in consumer supermarkets and are now practically indispensable in the daily lives of many consumers. Globally, more than six billion pouches are now provided with a spout and this figure is forecast to double by 2020.

There are several reasons why this trend was able to dominate the packaging industry in such a short time. Mike Landwehr, project manager at Pöppelmann FAMAC®, knows this, too. 'This addresses the omnipresent to-go trend. Lots of people use the opportunity to eat and drink on the move. The practical and resealable packaging provides them with the optimal solution for this. A further reason – for the manufacturers in particular – is the cost-effective production and the associated economical sense of the stand-up pouches', says Landwehr.  

How a pouch conquered the markets.

Since the pouch was patented by the Doyen brothers in 1962 as the so-called Doypack, the stand-up pouch was generally known in the shape of Capri Sun. At the time, the Wild company, the producers of Capri Sun, were the only stand-up pouch patent licensees. Despite the enormous potential of the flexible pouch and its superb properties such as the excellent oxygen barrier or its great flexibility, for example, the stand-up pouch needed some time to get noticed in Europe. It thus remained on the sidelines until the mid 1980s. The introduction of the packaging regulations in 1989 helped the pouches to victory: since the end of the 1980s packaging manufacturers have been increasingly taking responsibility for the disposal of their products. The flexible packaging thus developed into a true competitor for rigid packaging solutions. Its low weight and the extremely low empty volume mean that the quantity of pouches has continuously increased. In all fields, regardless of whether foodstuffs or non-foods.