We make the difference, part 4: The weld spout, with Eva-Maria Fangmann.

When it comes to weld spouts, Eva-Maria Fangmann has everything under control.

Working with weld spouts requires extensive planning. Eva-Maria Fangmann ensures that every customer gets the requested item as scheduled and at the right place. She always keeps track of everything and organises the entire order process. She is the main contact for customers and is always there for them.

“If the standard program is not enough, my guys come into play.”

Eva-Maria gives her utmost, even for her colleagues. She always takes the load off her team so that they can focus entirely on the development of individual customer requests – as an addition to the diverse standard program.

Together they strive day by day to ensure the high level of quality expected from Pöppelmann. In the new episode of our "We make the difference" series, you will also discover what makes them a "welded" team, even after the work day is over. Enjoy watching!

Part 4: Weld spouts. With Eva-Maria Fangmann.

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