We make the difference, part 3: In-Mould-Labelling with Norbert Gerdes.

In a new episode, Norbert Gerdes from Pöppelmann FAMAC® introduces In-Mould-Labelling.

The technology behind In-Mould-Labelling was conceived 15 years ago by Pöppelmann FAMAC®. Over the years, the procedure for high quality labelling within the production process of plastic packaging has been developed even further. It started with just 4 varieties; now production has expanded to 1,300 varieties. There, right from the start: Norbert Gerdes.

“Every day is a new challenge for me.”

Hall 10 in Plant 1 could be almost called Norbert Gerdes' second home. Here, he knows every procedure, every employee and every machine. Thanks to his 34 years of professional experience, just from the sound of "his machines" he can tell from far away if one of them isn't running smoothly. He is always ready for action, and together with his team he faces new challenges every day. With one common goal: Perfect packaging – that is, always reliable and at maximum speed.

Comfortable – even when filling up.

Meet Norbert: In just under two minutes, he offers a fascinating look behind the scenes and shows in a sympathetic way, why even he makes the difference. Let the film roll!

Part 3: In-Mould-Labelling. With Norbert Gerdes.

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