The foon wins the “Deutscher Verpackungspreis” (German Packaging Award).

The innovative concept of the snack cutlery by Pöppelmann FAMAC® convinced the prestigious jury for research, industry, commerce and trade press.

The competition at the 37th German Packaging Award was high: From 230 submissions, the independent and expert jury – consisting of an expert panel of leading research institutes and universities, industry and commerce as well as the trade press – had to determine the winners in six categories. One of the winners at the international, industry and material related competition of 2014: the foon by Pöppelmann FAMAC®. The innovative folding cutlery for ready-made snacks won the coveted award in the category “Sales packaging – food and pet food”.

The foon: small in the cap, large in your hand – now even distinguished with an award.

“At Pöppelmann, we are of course extremely delighted with the award,” says Engelbert Rechtien, Sales Manager at Pöppelmann FAMAC®. “In May's launch at the Interpack, our new product had already received overwhelmingly positive feedback. To our team, the awarding of the German Packaging Award proves that they have developed an innovative solution which provides real added value to our consumers.” 
Unlike traditional disposable cutlery that accompany ready-made meals in plastic cups, the foon stands out for its easy handling. Thanks to the foldable design developed by Pöppelmann FAMAC®, a fork or a spoon can fit in every standard round cap with a 95 mm diameter. At the same time, the consumer can straighten the cutlery to an actual length of 130 mm, which is needed for better handling, by simply pressing together both halves of the handle. Thus the foon does not only have optimum handling properties but it is also stable and long enough to reach the bottom of the container without effort and without getting hands dirty. – This avoids involuntary contact of fingers with food. Besides, the universal foon system is also suitable for many other ToGo products: The intuitive functional principle can be applied with little effort to other cutlery pieces such as ice cream spoons, knives or pastry forks.

It is also very comfortable when filling up.

When folded, the foon can be safely and hygienically integrated into the bucket lid. So it doesn't just eliminate time-consuming attaching, but also the additional packing of an externally attached cutlery piece. By the way, the lid and the cutlery are pre-assembled at Pöppelmann FAMAC®. This way, no additional expenses are incurred, as the existing filling systems can still be used. 

The foon is available immediately in the spoon or fork variations and forms part of the FAMAC® standard program.