Pöppelmann FAMAC® at the Plastic Pouches conference in Vienna.

Mike Landwehr, project manager at Pöppelmann FAMAC®, impressed the international audience with his presentation on the advantages of the weld spout.

The Plastic Pouches conference in Vienna is recognised as an important platform for technical experts in the packaging industry. The three-day event provides a large number of experts with an opportunity to discuss current trends and upcoming developments in the sphere of stand-up pouches. Also present as a speaker this year: our long-serving employee, Mike Landwehr, project manager of Pöppelmann FAMAC®.

Packaging with a future: The “pouch” conquers the markets.

In his presentation “Modern spouts and caps for stand-up pouches”, Mike Landwehr talked about current trends and the prospects in the packaging industry. Rapid growth, new market segments, fast-moving developments and the growing importance of sustainable packaging are constantly creating new challenges for the industry and its suppliers. The central theme of his presentation was how Pöppelmann FAMAC® plans to deal with these demands and the solutions which have already been implemented in the development and production of weld spouts.

Our solution: the FAMAC® PouchBooster.

As an international supplier, our customers continue to expect perfect solutions. This naturally also applies to weld spouts. Current trends not only have to be identified in good time, they must also be optimised and implemented in a targeted manner. We have continued to optimise the development and production of weld spouts in order to fully meet the high expectations of our customers.

The comprehensive solution for fulfilling these requirements is called the FAMAC® PouchBooster. It includes, for example, the standardised dimensioning of all spout series. Amongst other things, it cuts costs owing to excellent machinability. In addition to this, individual shapes and colours as well as innovative special solutions offer significantly improved marketing options. The intuitive design of our weld spouts guarantees higher consumer convenience. The constant quality and exemplary cleanliness at Pöppelmann complies with even the highest hygiene requirements. Ultrasonic welding permits higher cycling during production and ultimately results in faster production times.

Boost your business: with innovative solutions from Pöppelmann FAMAC®.

Informative discussions, a large number of technical presentations and new, extremely interesting contacts made the Plastic Pouches conference a highly successful event for the family-owned Lohner company. “The presentation at the Plastic Pouches showed the strong impact which international trends are having, particularly on the plastics processing industry,” said Mike Landwehr in a positive mood. “As a successful company, we must always be a step ahead of the times with regard to innovative products and their developments and production. We therefore attach great importance to an exchange of ideas and dialogue with international experts.”

You will find further information on our weld spouts on our product pages and in the fourth part of our film series “We make the difference”.

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