A wide range of products can be safely packaged in the stand-up pouch, airtight and resealable – starting at baby food with swallow-proof closure, up to disinfectants for the pharmaceuticals industry. Here, innovative, consumer-friendly packaging with the most suitable welded spout, play an important role. Many products that fill the flexible pouches need to be packaged in an inert atmosphere. During spout production, therefore, the highest cleanliness and hygiene demands are adhered to guarantee the customer continuous process reliability. The certified quality management system offers security in all its aspects.

Meet the highest demands on cleanliness: flexible packaging concepts from Lohne.

In recent years the stand-up pouch with spout has developed into a packaging concept that now increasingly replaces cardboard, glass or tin packaging. A trend that will continue, according to recent studies. For customers in the foodstuffs and cosmetics industries, as well as the pharmaceuticals industry and medical technology, Pöppelmann FAMAC® develops and manufactures flexible packaging concepts, which meet even the highest cleanliness demands.

The highest cleanliness demands.

At Pöppelmann FAMAC®, strict adherence to cleanliness and hygiene demands is part of the daily routine. The most stringent cleanliness and hygiene demands must be met in the production of plastic products. Hygiene management is certified to HACCP. 'Our employees are also aware of the great responsibility they carry. We regularly take part in hygiene training to make sure we are always up-to-date', Jan-Otto Behrends, production manager in Halle 32, reports. He is responsible for making sure that all processes run to their optimum and that production is always one hundred percent clean. At the same time he is the contact for all machine installers, monitors production and optimises workflows, where needed.

If demands on cleanliness at Pöppelmann FAMAC® are especially high, it is possible to manufacture plastic products and complex assemblies, for example for the medical and pharmaceuticals industries, under clean room conditions (compliant with EN ISO 14644 Class 7, GMP Standard - C). 'If there is a customer-specific demand, we can also manufacture welded spouts under the strictest cleanliness conditions with the aim of protecting vulnerable processes against even the slightest contamination', explains Engelbert Rechtien, sales manager at Pöppelmann FAMAC®. The number of airborne particles in a clean room is defined in the applicable standards. Filter systems ensure a particle and germ concentration of less than 350,000 particles/m³ down to a size of 0.6 µm, and less than 100 nucleating agents/m³. 

Safety you can trust.

Customers must be able to rely one hundred percent on Pöppelmann FAMAC®'s work and be absolutely certain that the spouts meet cleanliness demands at all times. There are a large number of directives applicable to the pharmaceutical and medical industries, in particular, especially in terms of cleanliness and hygiene demands, which must be implemented and adhered to. At Pöppelmann FAMAC® everything is examined in minute detail in order to deliver the highest quality welded spouts as the end result. – For flexible packaging solutions that meet even the highest demands. Because consumers and end customers should be able to trust the first class product quality.

Find out more about the Pöppelmann FAMAC® welded spout at: www.pouchbooster.com