Innovative solutions from Pöppelmann at HMI 2016.

The presentation of the topics Industry 4.0 with Rapid Tooling and our innovative solutions for weight-reduction convinced the interested trade show audience.

Also this year the HANNOVER MESSE was a great success for Pöppelmann. During five days, from April 25th to 29th, many interested parties and customers from Pöppelmann KAPSTO®, Pöppelmann K-TECH® and Pöppelmann FAMAC® took the opportunity for personal interaction with our exhibition team. This year's HMI theme was “Integrated Industry” with the focus “Discover Solutions”. The family company based in Lohne, took up this theme and presented what Industry 4.0 means for Pöppelmann. For example, solutions of the process Rapid Tooling were shown. Another important subject was weight-reduction of components. “Numerous new, very interesting contacts were made in Hannover” reported Thorsten Koldehoff, Sales Manager of Pöppelmann KAPSTO®. “The HMI is a very important trade show for us. And we are very satisfied with this year's result.”

Rapid Tooling for faster achievement of mass production.

A key issue that has high priority for Pöppelmann and therefore was presented at the HMI, is Rapid Tooling. Previously, you could already create functional prototypes made of special printed material by using the 3D printing process within days. The trend in generative manufacturing, however, is reliable patterns of genuine series material. Our idea: Not the component itself, but the tool is printed. The printed tool can then be inserted into an existing tool master shape and filled with molding material. Thus, a fully functional component is produced in an extremely short time. This shortens development times and reduces costs. Pöppelmann KAPSTO®, our specialist for plastic protective caps and plugs, has widely used this method successfully. A practical example provided a lot of interest from the specialist audience at the trade booth: By using Rapid Tooling, the plastics specialist made a prototype protective cap for a connector plug within a short time.

High-precision technical plastic injection parts are getting lighter.

Another issue, which mainly occupies the business division Pöppelmann K-TECH®, is lightweight. The requirement: plastics solutions with flawless features at reduced weight while controlling costs. Lightweight does not only play a decisive role in the automotive industry. Meanwhile, efficient polymers ensure a reduction in weight and costs in various industries. We provided detailed information on the Industrial Supply about the different fields of lightweight engineering.

Pöppelmann illustrated to the interested visitors the different approaches of Pöppelmann to reach individual targets. An important step is the K-TECH® Check: In advance, we check with the customer every request to the parameters materials, construction, tool and process. Even the correct selection of materials is a crucial factor for the reduction of weight - especially when it comes to replace metal parts by plastic parts. A solution for weight-reduction is for example the MuCell® process, in which thermoplastics are foamed.

High-ranking visitors at the booth of Pöppelmann.

Prime Minister Stephan Weil and Olaf Lies, Lower Saxony’s Minister of Economics, Labour and Transport, were informed in person about the range and the innovative products from Pöppelmann. Weil was highly impressed by the shift rails that Pöppelmann has developed for the VW Polo. We have been able to replace the traditional metal rods through much lighter plastic rods. Prime Minister Weil showed himself particulary impressed when he learned that the known closures of bubbles manufacturer Pustefix are also produced by Pöppelmann.

Also Minister Olaf Lies was impressed by our large range of services. Andreas Kellermann, responsible for sales at Pöppelmann K-TECH®, and Thorsten Koldehoff received Mr Lies. In order to learn more about the skills, the Minister asked us to show him some of our product developments. “We were of course very pleased about the visits of Mr. Weil and Mr. Lies. Obviously they have a high interest in our products and technologies” says Andreas Kellermann. “As an international supplier, our customers expect perfect solutions and innovative ideas. In order to continue to meet the high expectations, we will further work on our solutions in future. – To make those even more perfect”.

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