Innovative folding cutlery for snacks while on the go: the new foon.

Fresh fruit salads and other ready-made snacks can now be enjoyed more comfortably – with “foon”, the general-purpose snack cutlery that is integrated in the bucket lid.

"Conventional disposable cutlery that accompany ready-made meals in plastic containers often have a very short handle. This makes them very difficult to hold", says Engelbert Rechtien, Sales Manager at Pöppelmann FAMAC®. "Often, you also end up unwillingly touching the food with your fingers. With the foon we have now developed a solution to this problem."

On the one hand, the new cutlery is characterised by a more comfortable handling. On the other hand, the fork or spoon can be integrated in the container lid to save space. Being directly visible, the consumer also gets another incentive to buy. 


Looks small in the lid, feels great in your hand.

The innovative fold design of the foon fits into any standard 95 mm round lid. At the same time, the consumer can comfortably straighten the cutlery to an actual length of 130 mm, which is needed for better handling. All the user has to do is to simply press both halves of the handle together until they engage. This not only gives the foon good handling properties but it also makes it long enough to reach the bottom of the container without effort and without dirtying your fingers. Besides, its overall high stability in use is very convincing.

Comfortable – even when filling up.

The foon is safely attached and is hygienically integrated in the bucket lid. This eliminates the need for elaborately attached and packaged external cutlery when filling up. In addition, the lid and cutlery are already pre-assembled at Pöppelmann FAMAC®. Thus, no additional expenses are incurred, as the existing filling systems can still be used. The foon is available immediately in the spoon or fork variations and forms part of our standard programme. Moreover: The intuitive functional principle can be applied with little effort to other cutlery pieces, such as ice cream spoons, knives or pastry forks. Thus, the foon system can be used universally with many ToGo products.

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