Pöppelmann is the first company to receive new quality label for use of recycled materials: Using waste from household recycling visible for consumers at a glance

Lohne, February 2019 – The plastics processing company Pöppelmann from Lohne sets new standards in Germany: Pöppelmann is the first company to receive the new RAL quality label of the RAL Quality Association for Recycled Materials from Household Waste Recycling e.V. The RAL Quality Association, approved in October 2018, has approved the RAL quality label for the first time. The plant pots of the division Pöppelmann TEKU® in the colour recycling blue meet the criteria for the label: This means that their resource-saving production from recycled material, which originate directly from the plastic household recycling system in Germany (Yellow Bag or Yellow Bin) is verified and guaranteed. This is said in a joint statement of the RAL Quality Association and Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG.

Nearly a year ago, the German Dual System (Der Grüne Punkt), together with partners, started the Quality Association for Recycled Materials from Household Waste Recycling e.V. It wants to promote and push the use of recycled material in packaging. The association focuses on the use of recycled materials from private plastic waste collected through the German Dual System. The goal is to produce new packaging from used packaging materials.

The approval procedure for a RAL quality label is known to be reliable and neutral. The association voluntarily commits to the quality and test regulations recognized by the RAL Institute and therefore has the right to use the new RAL quality label. This label proves that in the corresponding product only real and completely traceable recycling material from the Yellow Bag or the Yellow Bin, the German household recycling system, has been used.

‘We have the right to use this quality label after an in-house audit which has been carried out by independent experts,’ explains Benjamin Kampmann from the Pöppelmann Innovation Management team. ‘We have demonstrated that the use of recycled material from the Dual System is implemented in the plant pots’ manufacturing process and documented in accordance with the requirements of the RAL Quality Assurance Association.’ Compliance with the criteria of the label will be reviewed annually. Pöppelmann´s Head of Innovation and Marketing, Matthias Lesch, welcomes this certification: ‘With the RAL quality label, customers and consumers know immediately that waste from the Yellow Bag or the Yellow Bin has been used for this product. This is an important step to create long-term acceptance of plastic packaging in general and at consumer level.’

The company Pöppelmann developed the design concept for the plant pots in the colour Recycling Blue as part of the company-wide initiative PÖPPELMANN blue®. This initiative is the platform for developing concepts that can be used to close material loops in plastics processing. Currently, Pöppelmann’s recycling experts are working on solutions for the resource-efficient production of packs from PET waste and re-usable carrying trays.

TEKU® Sales Manager Arno Zerhusen explains: ‘Many discussions with our customers show that we are at a turning-point and that the initiative PÖPPELMANN blue® hits the pulse of the times. We are convinced that consumers' attitudes must change continuously: plastic is neither waste nor fundamentally a bad material. Plastic is a valuable raw material, which can be reused perfectly and which we have to treat responsibly.’

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