We make the difference. Part 9: Product design. Functionality meets aesthetics. With Christoph Majchszak.

Christoph Majchszak develops innovative packaging designs for Pöppelmann FAMAC®.

“Ideas just come to me as I walk through life with open eyes”, relates Christoph Majchszak, product designer at Pöppelmann FAMAC®. Products and packaging are also developed in the in-house design department within the Lohne–based family company in addition to the production and assembly of plastic solutions– from the first idea to the finished prototypes. Whether it's food containers, foons or a Smarties cap– many innovations bear the hallmark of Christoph Majchszak. He is of course rather proud of this, especially when he can also tell his daughter that Smarties no longer tip out of a cardboard tube thanks to him.

Customers’ specifications and the functionality to be achieved are at the forefront of all his developments. But the aesthetics also play a crucial role for him: products need to be designed so that they meet the specifications in the first instance, but also they reflect the zeitgeist and have an aesthetic appeal in the future.

“It’s great when a product works.”

Christoph Majchszak is inspired by many things to ensure that he remains open to unusual shapes and design ideas. For example, this may also be an evening that he spends in front of the television with his family. As a trained carpenter, the qualified product designer always keeps a close eye on the technical specifications but he still sometimes needs to convince people internally and at the customer's. Some say “That won't work. How are we to produce that?” Then his drawings go directly into rapid prototyping and then it's clear that it did actually work. “It is great when a product works, the usability works and the customer is completely satisfied.” states Christoph Majchszak.

Meet Christoph Majchszak and learn more about design at Pöppelmann in a new episode of the series “We make the difference”.

Part 9: Product design. With Christoph Majchszak.

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