We make the difference, part 7: Production with Jan-Otto Behrends.

In Hall 32, Jan-Otto Behrends ensures that all processes run smoothly. Good teamwork and a clean production are essential to him.

Jan-Otto Behrends is the point of contact for all machine installers in Hall 32. He supervises the production and processes while optimising workflows continuously. “Working with my colleagues as a team is like playing in my music band”, says Behrends. “You need to rehearse a lot and coordinate each other – until everything is in place. There must be a harmonious interplay, just like in a live gig. Motivation is everything, everyone must want the same thing and act in concert.” However, there is no lack of fun, as the interpersonal aspects in his team are just right. In fact, all his staff members and himself are like a music band that is perfectly in tune: after all, they do deliver a perfect product.

Clean work: Observing high standards is part of day-to-day business.

Jan-Otto Behrends always pays special attention to exemplary cleanliness – as this characterises the entire Pöppelmann FAMAC® production. In the production of plastic products for the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and medical industries, the highest demands in terms of cleanliness and hygiene must be met. To ensure this, the Pöppelmann FAMAC® hygiene management system has been certified pursuant to HACCP. Training in hygiene is obligatory for every member of staff. Thus, keeping Hall 32 clean has long since become a routine. This is why it still looks brand new, even after three years.

Watch and listen to Jan-Otto Behrends in the new spot of our “We make the difference” series. And action!

Part 7: Production. With Jan-Otto Behrends.

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