We make the difference, part 5: Quality Management, with Jörg Stuckenberg.

When it comes to ensuring a consistent product quality, one can always rely on Jörg Stuckenberg.

Jörg Stuckenberg is responsible for the planning and implementation of quality assurance. He looks into everything in great detail. His field doesn't just involve measuring and testing but also documenting meticulously. Everything has to be perfect, from the measurements to appearance and colours. A whole catalogue full of measurement results is often delivered with the finished product. Checks are carried out up to a hundredth of a millimetre by a quality management system certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. The preciseness of measurement technologies just keeps on improving. For example, the camera system provides 100% inspection, e.g. of in-mould labelling tags. In the increasingly complex manufacturing techniques, discrepancies can be resolved quickly by using very accurate documentation. This allows customers to rely on Pöppelmann's constantly high product quality, especially when it comes to serial production.

“I am in constant communication with our customers.”

Jörg Stuckenberg's long experience shows that communication with customers plays an extremely important role. The constant exchange of information enhances process coordination. And in the event of complaints, he visits the customer directly on site to provide quick assistance. To Jörg Stuckenberg, customer proximity forms an essential part of a reliable and trustful cooperation.

Part 5: Quality Management. With Jörg Stuckenberg.

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