“We are a GPN 300.”

Find out more about GPN 300 F and GPN 300 V. Watch the new Pöppelmann KAPSTO® film.

GPN 300 F und GPN 300 V have something in common with Pöppelmann KAPSTO® employee Elisabeth Rolfs. What it is can be found in our new film. We wish you a lot of fun!

Reliable protection for internal threads and bore holes: GPN 300 F and V.

The multifunctional closure plug is next to the colous natural now also available in black. It is applicable for regular threads, fine threads, and pipe threads and also as firm closure of bore holes protecting them against dust, damages and contaminations. GPN 300 F, the flat hat type, convinces with its special firm seat due to the crowned shaft. In contrast, GPN 300 V can be countersunk entirely due to its smaller head diameter. Both types of the plug are part of the extensive Pöppelmann KAPSTO® standard range with over 3,000 variations is therefore always available and is constantly deliverable from stock.

Also always available: Pöppelmann KAPSTO® CAD templates.

For a lot of time saving and faster reaction times in the design phase, Elisabeth and her team of Pöppelmann KAPSTO® with more than 60 CAD working places are available for you. They guranatee a impeccable and quick edit of CAD data. Every cap and plug is available for our customers as CAD data download at www.poeppelmann.com. The CAD/CAM network provide a fast data exchange and an easy transfer of existing 3D customer data.

Curious? - Elisabeth Rolfs and the entire team of Pöppelmann KAPSTO® look forward to your questions at 01482 373940 or kaspto(at)poeppelmann.com. This is also possible directly via our contact form.

We do it.