Individual protective elements – in just one month

Do you need design changes in an ongoing series production? And do you need custom protective elements within the shortest possible time? No problem! We do it. – And this is cheaper than you might think.

With our optional high-speed service FastLane, we develop and produce your custom protective element for you extremely fast. No matter how special your application-specific requirements may be: We manufacture a protective element for you that meets your requirements to 100% in terms of shape, function, material properties, and individual color. Ideally, there are only 4 weeks between receipt of order and delivery. After a successful feasibility check, you will receive a quotation within 24 hours, the prototype within one week and the first off-mold parts from the series productions of your individual protective element within one month.

Your advantages with KAPSTO® FastLane at a glance:

+ Fast. After checking the feasibility, only 1 day to the quotation. 1 week to the prototype. 1 month to the series part.
+ Individual. Development of a custom part to meet your specific requirements.
+ Cooperative. Close communication between you and Pöppelmann KAPSTO®.
+ Productive. Checking of functionality and characteristics using 3D print prototypes made from series production material.

Three steps to a custom engineered protective element.

Step 1. After a positive feasibility check, you will receive a quotation and an item concept in the form of a technical drawing or sketch within one day (24 hours). Here, we have access to more than 40 internal CAD-workstations.

Step 2. After completing the CAD-based item design, we create your first prototype within one week. For exact testing, we produce a prototype using the Rapid Tooling or Rapid Prototyping 3D printing procedure. This allows you to check the functionality and characteristics on this individual protective element in advance. Step 3. As soon as the prototype has been validated and the design is approved, we immediately kick off tooling. In our tool shop, our experts often rely on existing main tools and produce special mold inserts for them. After the rapid production phase, you will receive the first off-mold parts from series production within just one month. After testing and validation, we may be able to offer an option to inject your individual plastic protection element from a resource-saving alternative made from 100% recycled material.

The KAPSTO® carefree package: Effective and targeted to the right protective element.

Especially the commissioning, adjustment and coordination during a project are often very time-consuming and cause costs. Therefore, we take over the complete project management for you. Throughout the project, a project manager looks after your interests and pushes your project forward. This not only saves you valuable time – it also eliminates the need for coordination-intensive interfaces, such as commissioning external development offices or suitable mold makers.

Would you like to learn more about our carefree package? Or do you already have a project that you would like to put in the fast lane together with us? Then give us a call +49 4442 982-9100 – or send an email to our service team at