How important intuitive handling and, in particular, easy opening of flexible packaging solutions are, is still often neglected during packaging development. With the expected consequences: the resulting handling problems lead to consumer dissatisfaction. Next time, they then probably head for a similar, competing product. 'In order to avoid this, an intuitive design should be aimed for during packaging development', Mike Landwehr, project manager at Pöppelmann FAMAC®, knows. The family-run company specialises in packaging solutions for customers in the foodstuffs and cosmetics industries, as well as the pharmaceuticals industry and medical technology. Numerous customers of the company increasingly rely on flexible packaging concepts: on stand-up pouches with welded spouts, manufactured in Lohne, Germany. To guarantee barrier-free product solutions, product designers and developers at Pöppelmann work hand-in-hand. In their daily work they employ important universal design and usability aspects. Moreover, products are examined and optimised for good user-friendliness using relevant tests as early as the development stage. For flexible packaging concept that inspire people. 

Easy handling, easy to open: the benefits of flexible packaging.

What actually characterises good and at the same time flexible packaging? All companies looking to sell their products at a profit on the market probably ask themselves this essential question. The demands that flexible packaging must meet, especially in terms of satisfying the needs of the consumer, are manifold. In particular, however, the packaging should meet one demand: it must be easy to open.

Why intuitive design is increasingly important.

Changes in demographics, in particular, emphasise the necessity for age-appropriate packaging and demand rethinking in product development. For example, packaging should play a supporting role and not represent an obstacle to consumers. Packaging handling is not only decisive to product repurchasing in term of senior citizens. The fact is: everybody gets annoyed about packaging that is poor to handle. Regardless of age. So, what is needed is packaging solutions oriented around the needs of the consumer.

Packaging solutions, such as the stand-up pouch, which in recent years have conquered a substantial share of the market and now replace a range of glass and cardboard packaging, are convincing thanks to their easy handling: opening is anything but difficult, the product can be removed without problems and resealing is uncomplicated. The welded spout with screw cap, in particular, becomes a central element of the pouch and thus to an important component for the consumer. The opening mechanism is self-explanatory and optically well emphasised. It can be opened without much strength or dexterity. A simple and practical portioning or metering option contributes positively to consumer satisfaction. 

One spout, numerous formats – always barrier-free.

As one of the market leaders in the welded spout sector, Pöppelmann FAMAC® develops and produces adhering to barrier-free aspects and places great value on intuitive design. For even more consumer-friendliness, care is taken that the flexible packaging can be comfortably opened and closed, for example using ergonomically shaped screw caps. 'Many of our customers are surprised at how many different possibilities and varieties of welded spouts we have in our standard programme alone', explains Mike Landwehr. 'Custom designs, in terms of size, colour or even individual customer demands, such as the flip-top screw cap option, for example, can also be easily implemented.'

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