Our specialist for technical functional parts and packaging for the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and medical industries has launched a new microsite to offer existing customers, new customers and interested parties the opportunity to obtain information on the FAMAC® PouchBooster. "Our customers' demands and requirements are constantly increasing. New markets, fast-evolving developments and the increasing importance of sustainable packaging mean that industry and suppliers have to constantly face new challenges," says Gerhard Brock, project manager at Pöppelmann FAMAC®. "In order to fully meet all the stringent demands of our customers, we never stopped optimising the development and production of our welded spouts. We call this across-the-board solution for meeting these demands the FAMAC® PouchBooster."

Discover the FAMAC® PouchBooster. – Now online!

You can now obtain comprehensive information on our innovative welded spouts and their advantages on our new microsite.

Clearly structured and informative: the new microsite.

We have developed the FAMAC® PouchBooster microsite to create a comprehensive source of information that goes beyond the usual product specification sites. It goes without saying that we chose a responsive design, to ensure optimal display on all devices. On this site anyone interested can learn everything about the mega trend – the desire for mobility. People increasingly demand flexibility. This rapidly evolving development has an inevitable effect on the packaging industry market, and in particular on that of the stand-up pouch. This type of packaging has a very wide application. The extensive choice of materials, formats and packaging sizes means that the pouch is slowly displacing other traditional materials such as PET, glass or drink cartons. Baby food, energy drinks, fruit purées and even window cleaners are increasingly sold in such pouches – and only in those with practical welded spouts.

Boost up your business: the FAMAC® PouchBooster.

Another important feature of the FAMAC® PouchBooster microsite is the numerous solutions that we offer our customers. In the end, it is not about recognising current trends at an early stage but rather to optimise them and implement them consistently to achieve targeted results. For instance, by designing welded spouts with uniform dimensions across all the series we achieve more effective machine usage and higher flexibility. Individual colours and formats also improve marketability thanks to manifold possibilities and customised solutions. And one shouldn't fail to mention our intuitive design and exemplary cleanliness during production. We also use an ultrasonic welding process which tackles the prejudice that it takes too much time to produce flexible packaging. Interesting stories and a current outlook on the development of flexible packaging concepts and upcoming trends is what make the microsite a real trove of information for our customers – well structured and concise.

Curious? Then take a look at the new FAMAC® PouchBooster microsite. If you require further information, please don't hesitate to contact us. – We look forward to hearing from you! By phone +49 (0)4442 982-3900, per Email famac@poeppelmann.com – or directly through our contact form.