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Just knowing new technologies is not enough. You also need to be in control of them.

Our mission is to develop technically perfect solutions for our customers' products and to produce these efficiently and economically. We do not step back when faced with challenges and we strike out in new directions together with our customers. Thanks to our in-house mould making, cutting-edge machines for automatic injection moulding, latest technologies such as 2C injection moulding, MuCell or water-injection techniques, formed-in-place foam gaskets (FIPFG), vibration welding and fully-automated assembly and packing solutions, we respond to the most diverse requirements in a quick and flexible manner at any time.

Teaser Sauberraum Film

Cleanroom production

Maximum technical cleanliness for sensitive systems with special requirements.find out more

Teaser PUR Film

Formed-in-place foam gaskets (FIPFG)

For highly sophisticated technical injection-moulded parts with addition seals (e.g. to protect electronic components). find out more

Teaser MuCell Film

The MuCell® method

For moulded parts with reduced weight and increased mould stability. find out more

Teaser 2K Film

2C injection moulding process

For sophisticated multifunctional parts with different plastics.find out more

Teaser HGS Film

Hot-gas welding

For particle-free seams suited for media-carrying (air, oil or water) components.find out more

Fully-automatic assembly and packaging solutions

For the integration of additional functions in the componentry: e.g. adhesive foils, fixing elements, seals and sealing rings.find out more

Clean room production

For plastic parts and assemblies with the highest standards of cleanliness (DIN EN ISO class 7, GMP Standard – C).find out more

Teaser IML Film


For high-quality decorated packaging and greater sales success. find out more


For thin-walled articles with maximum stability and exceptional durability.

Inline thermoforming

For the same high quality with the same resource conservation and remarkably high production performance.

Printing and labeling

For a more eye-catching appearance in end sales (e.g. thanks to innovative printing methods like TEKU FLEX+). find out more


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