We make the difference, part 8: The inhaler project with Patrick Keim.

The inconspicuous plastic solution that has become Patrick Keim’s full-time job.

Patrick Keim coordinates the inhaler project and assumes responsibility for its planning and processing. At Pöppelmann, he is the first point of contact for customers and ensures that everything runs as it should. Since cleanliness and hygienic requirements are particularly high in the pharmaceutical and medical industries, he needs to be deeply immersed in the topic. Keeping track of everything is a real full-time job. But at the same time Patrick also takes it as an incentive: Giving customers the peace of mind that they can fully rely on Pöppelmann, is what drives him enormously. He is in constant contact with his work colleagues and learns every day from their experience to carry on with the project as a team.

“If I were a patient, I would also want everything to work out flawlessly.”

From tool making to serial production, it is often a long way stretching over several years, during which processes need to be reviewed over and over again. Besides highest product quality and demanding production processes, producers in the medical industry mainly require constant checks and detailed documentation. Therefore Patrick works his way through the often complex documents in order to ensure highest-end quality. After all, the one and only thing that really matters is that the patient is protected. "If I were a patient, I would also want everything to work out flawlessly", says Patrick and is convinced that this maxim is the reason behind his driving force.

Meet Patrick Keim and learn more about the inhaler project in a new episode of the series “We make the difference”.

Part 8: The inhaler project. With Patrick Keim.

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